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  16 Nov 2012
   Christiania Selection Vol. 2 [Iono 2012]
Playing: Friday 16 Nov 2012, 22:00 - Monday 19 Nov 2012, 04:00 (CET)

Back again ha? We had no doubt that the magical spirit of Christiania will capture your body and soul, while taking over your ears. In such uncertain times, when governments are collapsing, and people lose their faith is the social structure, only autonomous zones such as Christiania, can o!er us what we always wanted - Freedom. Stefan Goeransson, aka Flexus, takes us on a second journey to visit the realms of what might seem as a anarchy, but in fact it is the most logical expression of independence, are you prepared to change your mind forever?

We begin this journey with Twisted Mind as Time in Motion & Flexus remember them. These hallucinations of all the adventures we accumulated in the heat of the burning sun, it sometimes seemed Limitless, or at least that's what Opposite8 claims. The pounding rays of light that the sun had struck upon us, always help to stretch the boundaries of the human body's limits of perception. Audiomatic & Corona for example, admit that they have met the Lord of the Swing, and although we raise our eye brows when we heard that, the spark in their eyes indicated that they might be right. Osher insisted that with the help of Progressive Love we can bring back our faith in people's stories and past, and perhaps even achieve some kind of tranquility. Static Movement thought that in fact it would be wise to Put Your Glasses On because this is a very delicate stage, and before staring at the sun one must gradually prepare for the full exposure. Ailon saw it a bit di!erently, he thought that it being extrovert and just Smash Up the place would be better, after all, it's all or nothing no? Then again, when Suntree came, he realized that All Your Needs do need to be ful"lled, but hopefully not on the expense of others. Because, Individual Pattern of Life might be good if you live alone, but as Impact & Simply Wave say - it has its own consequences, twists and turns. Maybe it is just better to stick, as Motion Drive suggests, on the Maelkevejen (Milky Way), this will enable smooth sailing to the sunset of possibilities, and for this addictive sensation of euphoria.

  23 Oct 2012
   Mindsphere - Patience for Heaven [Suntrip 2012]
Playing: Friday 26 Oct 2012, 22:00 - Tuesday 30 Oct 2012, 04:00 (CET)

Are you a fan of mystic, dreamy, hypnotic Goa-trance filled with eastern melodies and magical moments? Search no further! 'Patience For Heaven' is exactly what you are looking for...

Mindsphere, aka Ali Akgun, worked 5 years on this unique two cd album. The first cd is the new album �Patience for Heaven� filled with floating, yet powerful, Goa-trance. His storytelling throughout the tracks is stunning and the warmth and positive feeling of his music will give you a fantastic experience!

The second cd is another story. 'Inner Cyclone' was only released online with weak mastering in 2007. Because this full power masterpiece deserved better, we made the decision to re-release this Goa-trance stormer in good quality, mastered and on cd! Like one of the reviewers said: 'real classic, great music, old school Goa-trance right from the source'.

Thanks to Mindsphere, all the fans of melodic Goa-trance should be fulfilled by this new Suntrip release!

  27 Sep 2012
SPECIALS+EVENTS   InnerSpace - InnerSpace [Suntrip_2012]
Playing: Thursday 27 Sep 2012, 23:00 - Monday 01 Oct 2012, 04:00 (CET)

You've discovered Innerspace aka Jörg Schemczyk from Cologne in our Shaltu compilation with a superb hypnotic 11-minute long mind twister. Suntrip now proudly presents his debut album in the same spirit :) 'InnerSpace' has the perfect name, for, it gets you to explore the deepest areas of your soul.

With Mental Stream, InnerSpace invites you to mystery land. This track will put your mind and body upside down! Rising, and InnerSpace give space to enlightening horizons with shiny melodies and arm-rising breaks! Deepflight, The Ground and Surface are totally mental, stunning torpedos with acidic touches that will blow you away! Finally, Below and Lost City explore slower tempos to let the listener time to breath and take off.

SPECIALS+EVENTS   Singles [Iboga Trance 2012]
Playing: Thursday, 27 Sep 2012 23:00 - Monday, 01 Oct 2012 04:00 (CET)

Some nice Iboga Trance tracks.

  13 Jul 2012
   Protonica - Form Follows Function [IONO 2012]
Playing: Friday 17 Aug 2012, 22:00 - Monday 20 Aug 2012, 04:00 (CET)

As modern architects envisioned, the structure of an object should primarily be based upon its intended function. Therefore, Piet Kaempfer and Ralf Dietze, aka Protonica, the architects of this creation, decided that each brick, each curve and angle should be built with a lot of thought, love and devotion. Every piece of sound you will hear vibrating through your ear canals has been specially designed from scratch, and was tested under the highest levels of professionals. Thus, Form Follows Function is not like most albums which gets produced and released for the sake of being released, it is exactly the opposite intention ? to deviate from the factory like music that surrounds us and craft a form that was thoroughly thought of before, while and after it was conceived.

Form Follows Function is divided into 9 different functions, which were modeled into 9 different forms that will suit its desired function. However, the function is flexible and dynamic, and enables each person that listens to the album to adjust his own prefixed functions and slide into a liquid amorphous ever changing entity. This album is the second masterpiece from Protonica, which comes 5 years after their debut album Search, which was released in 2007. Now it seems that the search for their own style is finished, and the time to dive deep and explore the next stages of their sound has come.

After 5 years of refining and crystalizing their sound, they preserved their old Acid influences, while combining new elements of Progressive and Psychedelic Trance. Dietze and Kaempfer followed the function of their name - Protonica - which means positive charge, and always had the dance floor in mind in order to tell hypnotizing stories which will enchant every person. The guys have collaborated with other superb artists such as Liquid Soul, aka Nicola Capobianco, on the track Floating Point, and another exquisite joint venture where they marked their point of view on Ace Ventura, aka Yoni Oshrat, and Rocky's, aka Roy Tilbor, track Serotonin Overdose.

  13 Jul 2012
   Sonic Entity - Twister [Yellow Sunshine Explosion 2012]
Playing: Friday 13 Jul 2012, 22:00 - Monday 16 Jul 2012, 04:00 (CET)

Nikola Gasic aka Sonic Entity is one of the founders and leading producers of Serbia's progressive psychedelic Sound.

Having released various EP's and singles on selected labels, we are proud to present his Album 'Twister' on YSE.

This Album is without a shadow of a doubt a ground-breaking work in the field of Trance. His unique style and mix of massive beats, crystal sound effects and classic Goa Trance elements is supported by fantastic hook lines and make this Album a real masterpiece!

  22 Jun 2012
   Goa Culture Vol. 6 [Yellow Sunshine Explosion 2012]
Playing: Friday 22 Jun 2012, 22:00 - Monday 25 Jun 2012, 04:00 (CET)

This outstanding Goa Compilation not only holds 18 exclusive Tracks, it also covers the entire musical spectrum of Psychedelic Trance Music.

Goa Culture Vol 6 was compiled by Zyce (Nikola Kozic), owner and label manager of the legendary TesserAct Studios and DJ Bim.

This edition also features tracks by the likes of Zyce and Flegma, Relativ, Ectima and Sideform, Streamers, Side Effects, N.A.S.A. and Multiphase, Drukverdeler and DJ Bim, Twina and Orpheus, Champa plus many more!

This is the ultimate Zeitgeist of Psychedelic Trance and Goa Trance!

  14 Jun 2012
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Lyctum - Tales From The Universe [yellow sunshine explosion 2012]"
Playing: Friday 15 Jun 2012, 22:00 - Monday 18 Jun 2012, 04:00 (CET)

Lyctum (Dejan Jovanovic) is another fantastic act from Belgrade and we are proud to present his first Album 'Tales from the Universe'.

With this Album, Lyctum clearly steps out of the progressive psychedelic Trance formula and created 9 Tracks with new soundscapes, uplifting moods, very atmospheric melodies and percussive elements.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this album will refresh the progressive scene and will come as a big surprise for the forthcoming Open Air season.

SPECIALS+EVENTS   Time In Motion - Energy [IONO 2012]
Playing: Friday 15 Jun 2012, 22:00 - Monday 18 Jun 2012, 04:00 (CET)

After two years of hard work, the danish brothers Thomas and Leslie Cowan a.k.a Time in Motion have finally released their debut album 'Energy'.

Since the beginning of their project, they have tried to create more than one style of progressive trance, backed up with their musical experience from throughout the years, which is something they wanted to continue with on this album.

One of the most important things in Time in Motion's new creation, is to try and pick the tracks carefully, in order to enrich the auditory trip to a wider collection of harmonic and melodic stories, which will delight all tastes.

Like a growing tree in an empty space, music expands its roots deep in every one of us. We were born with the wonderful gift of hearing, which allows us to use our ears, to listen and enjoy music, with tones of melodies and beats to follow. Music can fill up any empty space by creating an energy of unique sound.

The title 'Energy' was therefore chosen, because Thomas and Leslie believe that there is a link between Trance music and energy. After all when you go to a party, or sit at home and listen to Trance music, it creates an energy inside the body and soul, full of vibrations and stories, to give the listener good memories that can be remembered for the rest of his or her life.

The album contains 9 tracks, which vary in feeling, tone and excitement, while trying to explore the Progressive Trance realms of good Energy.

So be well prepared for the summer festivals and parties, or update your stereo with some new pumping basslines and rhythmic melodies, by adding this debut album from Time in Motion to your collection. Through this Progressive journey, allow the music to go into your body and mind.

  10 May 2012
   Dejavoo - Defiance [Yellow Sunshine Explosion 2012]
Playing: Friday 11 May 2012, 22:00 - Monday 14 May 2012, 04:00 (CET)

Crystal clear psychedelic beats, individual acoustic samples mixed with fantastic Goa Trance melody make this album a real treat for everyone who likes a diverse mix of what's.

The development of electronic music in the mid 90's has been clearly shaped by a lot of Uk based artists, amongst them Dejavoo (Francesco Mura/Plastic Vibe and Kristian Vinales) and their constant influence in shaping the sound of Trance and Psychedelic Trance.

After 2 Album releases on the legendary Transient label, Dejavoo presents his new offering 'Defiance', a full length Album and milestone in the world of psychedelic movement.

  03 May 2012
   Reefer Decree - Out of Bounds [Iboga 2012]
Playing: Friday 04 May 2012, 22:00 - Monday 07 May 2012, 04:00 (CET)

Iboga Records presents the new album by Reefer Decree Out of Bounds.

Behind Reefer Decree, stands Oliver Bierlich from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Reefer Decree was one of the first artists releasing on Iboga Records, and were behind the milestone album release 'Soundframes' from 2001.

Afterwards a series of singles and compilation releases followed, and made Reefer Decree one of the times most interesting names. The culmination came with the monster hit 'Nightvision'. Later, in 2006, Reefer Decree sent out his second album 'Point of You', on Iboga Records.

Today his third album is ready, once again promising to enchant the audience with his unique sounds.

  26 Apr 2012
   Goa X Vol. 11 [Yellow Sunshine Explosion 2012]
Playing: Friday 27 Apr 2012, 22:00 - Monday 30 Apr 2012, 04:00 (CET)

Compiled by DJ Bim, this is another top quality release second to none!

No other compilation is enjoying such credibility as the GOA X Series, a 100% exclusive track list in a glossy digipak with a 16-page booklet. What more can you ask for?

GOA X Vol 11 leads the way to the latest trends in Psychedelic Trance and Goa and we strongly believe that 2012 will be dominated by the more progressive end of the spectrum. This compilation talks driving bass lines, psychedelic soundscapes and classic Goa Trance hook lines.

This is pure euphoria tried and tested. GOA X Vol 11 also presents leading acts such as Mindwave, Terahert, Lyctum and Sideform and Funk Truck. More exclusive material by System ID, Dejavoo, Micky Noise, Sirion and Champa!

GOA X Vol 11 only delivers 100% exclusive material.

  20 Apr 2012
   Crossing Mind - The Inner Shift [Suntrip 2012]
Playing: Friday 20 Apr 2012, 22:00 - Monday 23 Apr 2012, 04:00 (CET)

Mind boggling, spiralling psychedelic melodic Goa-trance in its purest form!

Crossing Mind is French artist Stephane Beze, making fantastic, intense, multi-layered Goa-trance for over 10 years. He caught a lot of attention in the 'old school' Goa-trance scene in the last 2 years with an album on DAT records containing older unreleased tracks, a free online EP on UAF Records and several tracks on Suntrip-compilations.

Today Suntrip Records is proud to present his first up to date album filled with 8 fractal stormers! 'The Inner Shift' starts with a slower deep story-telling track continued by several dance floor devastators. Tracks like Solarnium, Modulated Self Reminders, Magnetic Fields of Life, Elastic Harmonies and No Way Wrong Rmx are a treat for the brain! Earcandy for everyone who loves multi-layered melodic music. Expect melodies, spiced up with acidic sounds and hypnotic background atmospheres. Besides that, every track is a great story teller. When you listen carefully, we promise you a hell of a trip to colourful lands! The last two tracks, Plutonia & Optronic Circles Rmx, are downtempo tracks to give you a peaceful landing back into reality! Are you ready for it!?

  19 Apr 2012
   Mindwave - Concept of Freedom [IONO 2012]
Playing: Friday 20 Apr 2012, 22:00 - Monday 23 Apr 2012, 04:00 (CET)

We live in a paradox. The more liberties we achieve, the more constraints we have to cope with. The more options we have, the more confused we get. The Concept of Freedom seems so natural and over used, we tend to overestimate its actual presence in our existence. So are we freer than before? Are we happier because we are freer? It seems like while we are intoxicated by all the things we can do in our modern era, we backslide into a comfort zone, while forgetting there is much work ahead of us. We might have more rights in legislations, but along the way we lose the rights to many other things, we open one door, and close many others. Reality offers us limited access to freedom; luckily, music opens endless opportunities, thus enabling fulfillment of the true meaning of The Concept of Freedom.

In order to help you get closer to this desired state of consciousness Mindwave, aka Anton Maiko, brewed a third creation that will serve as a mediator to elevate your mortal particles towards freedom. Maiko originated from Russia, and moved to Israel in 1991 when he was 6 years old. After a few years of experimenting with electronic music, he decided to go professional, and went to study in BPM Music School. When he graduated he released a few tracks that attracted much attention by various labels such as Phonokol, Iono Music, Joof and Yellow Sunshine Explosion. Mindwave released his first album Escape from Reality in 2009, and his second album Awaken a year after ? both in Phonokol. In between he dazzled many minds in endless events such as O.Z.O.R.A festival, Vuuv Experience, Spiritual Healing, Aurora, Trishula, Mystika and the list is long. Always trying to upgrade and perfect his sound, he moved to the Iono Music family, and from here, the sky is the limit.

Like every complex concept, the Concept of Freedom also eases your way through an Intro. However it was not design to dwell upon, but just get into the proper state of mind. After a while you will enter a Light of Loss, which will separate every atom of your body into tiny light particles that floats through space. What seemed to be Simple Moves in the past are now much more complex and hard to manipulate with the soft singing and swiping melodies. This is exactly why you might need a Guiding Voice to help you navigate through this confusing phase. It will be a bumpy, funky road, but during the experience you will realize that you had the power Within You all along. It might cause occasional Levity, that you feared previously, only to discover that in the New Day, you actually kind of like it. But air is not the only place you explore; now it is time for the Underwater realm, its enchantment is deep and uncontrollable. The isolation of the dive helps you analyze the Concept of Freedom without any disturbances, and ponder upon the multiple answers you suddenly understand. It summons the Deepest Thoughts that arouses any Mindwave, and this particular one creates the perfect combination for such an astonishing realization.

  6 Apr 2012
   Space Elves - Terrestrial Planet Finder [Dimensional 2012]
Playing: Friday 6 Apr 2012, 22:00 - Monday 9 Apr 2012, 04:00 (CET)

After years of working on the album, Dimensional Records is proud to present you the first album release of Space Elves!!

On the very verge of the new golden era, four spiritual entities had landed on a small planet called Earth and taken human forms. On their quest of learning about the Earth's culture and civilization, they grew up separated upon this world. From their first human steps the boys showed incredible mental abilities. One of these soul joint abilities surfaced just with the start of the new millennium, exactly when the four Elven mates finally made contact to accomplish their mission on Earth.

Thus, on 21 January star year 2009, according to Earth stellar calendar, four Elven mates, leaded by Imba, united and revealed their Space Elven?s alien identity through a unique message to the world of music recorded by the elves, which they are still creating.

  14 Mar 2012
   Groove Attack [Iboga 2012]
Playing: Friday 16 Mar 2012, 22:00 - Monday 19 Mar 2012, 04:00 (CET)

Iboga Records presents a new compilation by Liquid Soul, one of todays absolute top producers and top headliner in countless of events around the world during many years.

Liquid Soul previously gave us classic albums 'Synthetic Vibes' and 'Love In stereo'.

Prior to his new and upcoming Liquid Soul album, which will release in the late summer of 2012, we present a smashing compilation, selected by Liquid Soul. You can rest assured that the tracks are all hand picked with the intention of providing the listeners and DJs with the highest quality music the progressive trance scene can offer at the moment.

  01 Mar 2012
   Shaltu [Suntrip 2012]
Playing: Friday 02 Mar 2012, 22:00 - Monday 05 Mar 2012, 04:00 (CET)

Shaltu, an ancient Amerindian word for the helping spirits of dancing shamans, brings us back to our Suntrip roots! Deep trance & dance music for people that like warm, spiralling, full power melodic 'old school' Goa Trance! Like usual with our compilations Shaltu features a mix between known names and newcomers. The opener by veteran RA is pure deep, spiritual, Goa-Trance followed by two emotional morning-monsters filled with spirals and melodies by Crossing Mind and Nebula Meltdown!

They are followed by three in-your-face dancefloor tsunamis that will fit perfectly the climax of every wild party! Filteria's remix of Shakta's classic `Lepton Head` is simply stellar, while newcomers InnerSpace & Ephedra vs Imba show us that there is a new generation of crazy musicians!

The last part of Shaltu brings us back into deep, warm morning music. Music for epic sunrises! The debut of Shani Yantra, and the floating remix of RA's Time Current by E-Mantra give us a new definition of `Goa trance with modern production`. The Macedonian Sirius ends this compilation with a very melodic masterpiece!

Rarely have we been so satisfied with the result of a compilation and we hope you'll share that feeling!

  24 Feb 2012
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Kuba - Random Precision [Chillcode 2012]"
Playing: Friday 24 Feb 2012, 22:00 - Monday 27 Feb 2012, 04:00 (CET)

Chillcode Music proudly presents the brandnew Kuba Album 'Random Precision'!

Random Precision' is an awesome collection of more than a dozen superb Kuba chillout tracks in various styles and tempos. Brilliant colourful Kuba worldmusic, atmospheric tracks and even deep progressive tunes in a modern and fresh style!

A magnificent selection of thirteen fresh high-class chillout and progressive tracks!

SPECIALS+EVENTS   Goa Culture Vol. 5 [Yellow Sunshine Explosion 2012]
Playing: Friday 24 Feb 2012, 22:00 - Monday 27 Feb 2012, 04:00 (CET)

This outstanding Goa Compilation not only holds 18 exclusive tracks, it also covers the entire musical spectrum of Psychedelic Trance Music.

Compiled by DJ Bim and Trance Legend Marco Menichelli (Sun Project), this edition also features a track by FM with the voice of the legendary Punk Diva Nina Hagen next to top selling artists such as Fatali, Sound Kitchen, Atomic Culture, Bash, DJ Fabio, Boris Blen, Copycat, Manmachine, Sideform, Mind Complex plus many more!

This is the ultimate Zeitgeist of Psychedelic Trance and Goa Trance!

  14 Feb 2012
   Twina - Out As A Signal [Yellow Sunshine Explosion 2012]
Playing: Friday 17 Feb 2012, 22:00 - Monday 20 Feb 2012, 04:00 (CET)

Twina's 3rd Album Out as a Signal on Yellow Sunshine Explosion.

In the mid 90's, when Israeli Psychedelic Trance Producers were dominating the scene, Tel Aviv based Assaf Twina has been always a key player of the pack.

Twina's musical background started in Rock Music as a keyboard player in various Rock Bands. Soon he discovered his love for electronic music and he started Djing as well as producing Psy Trance.

Twina has played all major festivals including the Solar Vision GDL in Mexico City, the Open Air Festival in Moscow as well as the legendary Fullmoon Festival in Thailand. His musical collaborations include works with California Sunshine, Visual Paradox, Ultravoice, ITP plus many more!

His music is extremely powerful and rich in sound and often been described as Stadium-Music. His ability to pull the crowd has been proven on many Festivals and it comes as no surprise that Twina is booked for the Olympic Basketball Games 2012 in London.

  09 Feb 2012
   Everlasting [Iboga 2012]
Playing: Friday 10 Feb 2012, 22:00 - Monday 13 Feb 2012, 04:00 (CET)

Selected and mixed by Gaudi.

This latest compilation from Iboga Records is an impressive collection of largely new and unreleased tracks from an international group of artists who have defined, not only a genre but an era in electronic music. A who's who of the movers and shakers.

These artists are the foundations and land markers who have both created the sound and continued it's evolution through the consistent quality and creativity of their music. The ones who opened up the genre and who are continuing to push the boundaries that define it's sound.

Everlasting is 2 hours of immaculately produced and sonically stimulating deep moody electro.

Gaudi and Iboga have raised the benchmark in electronic music compilation with this album. Each track is, in it's own flavour, a study in multi-dimensional sound and a voyage in itself. If these artists are 'the dons' of their field, then the evidence of titles well earned is right here in this album. It is easy to get lost in each and every track of this compilation so be prepared.

  26 Jan 2012
   Goa X Vol.10 [Yellow Sunshine Explosion 2012]
Playing: Friday 27 Jan 2012, 22:00 - Monday 30 Jan 2012, 04:00 (CET)

No other Goa Compilation has reached such Cult Status a 100% exclusive package in a glossy digipak including a 16-page booklet. What more can you ask for?

GOA X Vol 10 leads the way to the latest trends in Psychedelic Trance and GOA and we believe that the year 2012 will be dictated by the progressive end of the spectrum.

This compilation talks driving bass lines, psychedelic sounds capes and classic, uplifting Goa Trance hook lines. This is tried and tested pure euphoria!

  17 Jan 2012
   Banel - Best of My Sets Vol. 6 [Iboga 2012]
Playing: Friday 20 Jan 2012, 22:00 - Monday 23 Jan 2012, 04:00 (CET)

Iboga Records presents a new chapter in the best of my sets compilation series. This time label chief / DJ Banel returns with a selection of some of the best artists the scene has to offer.

His first edition of the series from 2011 (Banel - Best of my sets vol.2) has been the top selling compilation release on Iboga Records in recent times. The new edition again promises absolute top quality tracks and many of them released for the first time.

Top names include Spektre, Tom Hades, Riktam & Bansi, Sun Control Species, Behind Blue Eyes & Krusseldorf, Emok, Lish, Yotopia, Antix, Phaxe, A.Balter & Eitan Reiter, Solead, Cid Inc., Frank & Illinton, Matt King and many more. Yet again a very strong selection by DJ Banel.

  12 Dec 2011
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Christiania Selection [IONO 2011]
Playing: Friday 16 Dec 2011, 22:00 - Monday 19 Dec 2011, 04:00 (CET)

In times like these, when every part of the world is protesting against the governments and corporation, you can still find one island of sanity - Christiania, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Freetown Christiania is a self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood, and the closest example we have of a group of anarchists, who managed to create an independent society. Christiania was a deserted military base, which was squatted in 1971 by various people who you could call hippies, freaks or outsiders. Their vision did not remain in empty slogans like many other hippies across the world; they decided that action is stronger. Thus, they took the psychedelic idea of seeing beyond the normative boundaries, and broke the established pattern of how people should live. Along with meditation, Yoga and other spiritual practices, it is no wonder that Goatrance found its way into Christiania to, almost from the very beginning. Stefan G�ransson, aka Flexus / Dj Flex, who was born and raised in this permanent autonomous zone, decided it was the right time to share the Christiania Selection, and perhaps give some ideas and hope to the global protesters that change and a better future is possible � it is in your hands!

In order to get you in the mode of Christiania, we begin with our Danish representatives, including the man behind this compilation, Flexus, together with Time in motion, aka, the brothers Thomas and Leslie Cowan. This lethal trio is hard to stop these days, and 'I got to' say it is one dose you wouldn�t want to stop consuming. After we entered the Progressive realms that swept us to an autonomous state of mind from the Danes, we move to Xshade, aka Michalis Yamakis, from Greece, to take us back to where society was invented. Xshade takes us to 'Sexofrenic' state, where only the bass rules and the beat goes on. Then Liquid Space, aka Denny Seidewitz, joins the selection, with an offer to make an 'Offbeat Meeting' which was accepted with much enthusiasm. After all, such an offbeat melody and atmospheric melody is something which is always needed, especially in this unique compilation. Sonic Sense, aka Igal Yakubov(also known as Timeless), & Time in Motion take us to the 'Red Zone', which means we are in for some serious shit, but the good shit. Red is always a dominant and strong color, and the Zone that The Cowan brother and Yakubov take us to is a powerful seductive sense of bloody good Progressive Trance. It was time for Static Movement, aka Shahar Shtrikman & Impact, aka Andrey Panov, pull us down to dive to the 'Atlantic Spirit' and explore other kinds of liberations from society, gravity and sound.

Some people take a break when they reach the middle, but as we mentioned above, Christiania Selection is against all the formulated models of action, and so we do not believe in breaks, rest or intermission. Therefore, Ace Ventura, aka, Yoni Oshrat was a perfect to help us step into the next phase of this trip with '138' ways to get there. It is no wonder why an Ace always wins in every game, because the hypnotic and yet complex music he makes is a sure bet each time. We continue with Infinity, aka Nick Karamalakis, who gives us an illusion of a commercial break and yet gives us all the reasons to 'Keep on Walking' with a smile. However, this wandering has a purpose, but not in the capitalistic materialistic manner, because approaching such a sacred phenomenon always requires some kind of awareness. After all, it is 'The Last Jedi' we are talking about, and what other artist can get us closer to him than Motion Drive, aka, Philip Guillaume. The wisdom of the judi is passed to us in the ritual dance of superb Progressive Trance that only few can resist. The end of such a journey can only lead to Yotopia, also known as Tomer Dayan & Yonatan Rimon, who bring us 'Cometic' to wrap the visionary revolution that this musical piece tried to do. With their known talent to convert even the extremist to their side, Yotopia gives us the proper catharsis we all need for such an intense and magnificent expedition.

Reality is temporary, but we have the power to change it, Christiania Selection is just an attempt to wake you up and show you that it is possible, it is in your hands.

SPECIALS+EVENTS   Doruk - Astral Colours [Ezel-Ebed 2011]
Playing: Friday 16 Dec 2011, 22:00 - Monday 19 Dec 2011, 04:00 (CET)

After a long time and hard work, finally the first album "Astral Colours" is being released out now. The sound is some kind of music that would take you high and makes u travel to the stars. The genre is Melodic Goa, the tracks contain many influences of acid techno and melodic trance music. Outer space is the main concept of the album, also science and spiritual atmospheres are present. These tracks are recomposition of the tracks produced by Doruk between the years 2005-2008. Any kind of trance listener can find something related with his/her own taste of music.
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Exploration of Space and Time [Dimensional 2011]
Playing: Friday 16 Dec 2011, 22:00 - Monday 19 Dec 2011, 04:00 (CET)

This compilation is splitted in 3 parts. All together a mix between Chillout, Goa, Night & Fullon Psytrance

The 3rd CD ? Exploration of Dreams, has planned his release a few weeks after this double CD (2CD), saving more time on promotion & the most important, the shipping weight until the end costumer, as a 3 double CD will be a heavy piece of art ;)

In other words, also checkout the next VA release. This 2CD & VA Exploration of Dreams, perfectly fit together & make 1 complete story, filled with happy moments, dark moment, chillout moments, euphoric moment, dreams,? and more !

It combines the talents of Jikooha, Cosmic Silence, Crossing Mind, Laughing Skull, Electrypnose, Enichkin, Overdream and many many more known from labels like Avatar Records, Suntrip Records, and also previous releases from Dimensional Records

All the tracks have energy, excitement, originality, powerfull production quality, well spaced underground tracks, yet extremely listenable. Thats about all that needs saying about this. Music tells more then words. Just put on the cd's & enjoy the story

Compiled by Lexx_Resident

  09 Dec 2011
   Zero Cult - Vacuum [Cosmicleaf 2011]
Playing: Friday 09 Dec 2011, 22:00 - Monday 12 Dec 2011, 04:00 (CET)

Zero Cult is back with his new 6th ambient chill album, Vacuum.One of the most selling and high feedbacked cosmicleaf artists.His wonderful trance influenced soundscapes that creates, combined with the mysterious downtempo melodies and rhythms, promising a great sound pleasure for the downtempo listeners.

  29 Nov 2011
   Fusi and Johnson - Just Do it [Iboga 2011]
Playing: Friday 2 Dec 2011, 22:00 - Monday 5 Dec 2011, 04:00 (CET)

Iboga Records presents the debut album by the German duo Fusi and Johnson.

Behind the name we find experienced personalities Thomas Johanshon, well known as DJ Mapusa, and Fabio Fusco, well known as DJ Fabio. Both DJ's have in many years been influential in Germany as well as on a global scale, with their fantastic progressive sets. Serving thrills to thousands of fans all over the world. Now they are finally ready with their first full-length album as Fusi and Johnson.

'Just do it' showcases their interpretation of progressive house and techno with roots in their own typical and well-known Hamburg sound.

A very dance floor friendly and uplifting sound with funky grooves and melodies, carved in with a skilled and talented production, making sure no one leaves without a smile on the face and a wonderful experience richer!

  09 Nov 2011
   E-Mantra - Pathfinder [Suntrip 2011]
Playing: Friday 11 Nov 2011, 22:00 - Monday 14 Nov 2011, 04:00 (CET)

E-Mantra, aka Emanuel Carpus, from Romania is one of the biggest stars of the modern melodic Goa-trance movement. Two years ago he released his highly acclaimed debut album "Arcana" on Suntrip Records, and was immediately called to play everywhere, including Antaris project 2011, and we are now ready for a magical follow-up!

Twisted, hypnotic, even ominous at times and yet filled with magical melodies... Describing E-Mantra?s unique style is hard. Making both Goa-trance and Ambient he showcases the best of the best on Pathfinder!

The album starts with "Pathfinder" and "Metamorphic Resonance", two deep entrancing tracks with a straight drive, which slide gently into dancefloor madness, with acidic twirls covered up by sweet enchanting melodies.

In the second part of the album, melodies take the lead to give the tracks a highly hypnotic shape. A trippy remix of the anthem "Dansul Ielelor" is followed by "Valley of the Kings", a hymn to euphoric eastern melodies, while "Distant Signals" and "Journey to Orion" make you dive into the deep mental side of E-Mantra. The turmoil of madness completes with a relentless acidic remix of Approaching Nibiru!

The album closes on two deep, floating vibrant ambient masterpieces!

If you are wondering how the E-Mantra sound evolved in the last two years, this is your chance! Get ready to be propelled into E-Mantra's universe!

  26 Oct 2011
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Captain Hook - Human Design [Iboga Trance 2011]"
Playing: Friday 28 Oct 2011, 22:00 - Monday 31 Oct 2011, 04:00 (CET)

Iboga Records are proud to present one of the most interesting releases this year.

The debut album 'Human Design' by Captain Hook!

Captain Hook is the solo project by Reshef Harari, who was previously a part of the project Quantize and also has a techno-project called Sheff. The first Captain Hook track was released just over a year ago, but already he's in high demand all over the world after some truly rocking remixes of artists like Ace Ventura, Neelix, Easy Riders, Psysex, Loud and Ritmo. Remixes that have established the name Captain Hook as synonymous for a new and highly interesting direction of progressive trance with fusions of dubstep, glitch and enormous, pumping baselines.

Reshef's journey in progressive trance started back in the beginning of the millennium, where artists like XV Kilist, Paste and Phony Orphants inspired him. In later years, after living in San Francisco, he has been inspire by wobbly sounds from the likes of Bass Nectar and Vaski, and that clearly shines through in his unique take on progressive trance-music, something he calls 'TranStep'.

On the album you can also look forward to collaborations with top producers like Ace Ventura, Perfect Stranger, Liquid Soul, Loud, I'll.gates, Freedom Fighters as well as a remix for Phony Orphants.

Get ready for an auditory explosion, get ready for 'Human Design'!

SPECIALS+EVENTS   VA - Forensic Science [IONO 2011]"
Playing: Friday 28 Oct 2011, 22:00 - Monday 31 Oct 2011, 04:00 (CET)

In a hot summer day, a crime was made. 9 projects were suspected of extremely lethal musical components that had the potential to capture who ever tried to listen to them. All the top detectives across the world were summoned to try and solve the mystery with Forensic Science.

The first clue led to Mindwave and Sphera, also known as Anton Maiko, Rami Shalom & Liran Elkayam. These 3 artists have managed to create a psychedelic and melodic entrance to the investigation, using spacy ingredients to disguise the 'Perception' of the authorities, a maneuver that seemed to succeed. The next suspects were Time in Motion, the Danish brothers Thomas and Leslie Cowan, who used their new 'Black Light' technique to manipulate the human ear. With a pumping base line and a euphoric atmosphere, they managed to escape questioning and leave their mark behind just like true Vikings.

Then the detectives reached Ritmo and Egorythmia, aka Dubi Dagan and Boban Lazovski, and knew they will be a tough case, with their global reputation. These two artists have taken the whole plot and 'Spin It' with a special Progressive method they each developed separately, but when they made it together ? they were invincible. Next on line was Pop Art, aka Oshri Krispin, who created a 'Sub System' to make a gate way to a parallel universe with the help of electrifying magnetic waves. After that it was another hard case, because it was Ace Ventura and Egorythmia, aka, Yoni Oshrat and Boban Lazovski, who decided to join forces. These two have formed a 'White Tunnel' that had a natural vacuum mechanism that sucked everyone that was near, helplessly surrendering to their groove and powerful story.

Nerso, who is known as Dragan Matic, tried to confuse the detective with his own 'Science', and took the first opportunity he got to disappear. Using the confusion that was made up till now, Ritree, aka, Dubi Dagan and Alon Brillant, knew it was the perfect timing to use the 'De Ja Voodo People', who were a successful laboratory experiment that they were working on intensively. This new hybrid of melodic Goa sounds, who is bubbling slowly till eruption, has implication not known to the human race, yet.

Close to the end of the investigation, Static Movement, aka Shahar Shtrikman, wasn?t planning on giving the detectives an easy life. He reshaped Mute's and was 'Doing His Magic'. Just when they thought they had it all figured out, Phaxe, aka Kevin Josefsen, broke them completely with his 'Flying Circus', so finally, they decided to leave the case open, because they have realized was no way to decipher this mystery. Can You?

  19 Oct 2011
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Weekend Promo: "VA - Dance Computer [Iboga Trance 2011]"
Playing: Friday 21 Oct 2011, 22:00 - Monday 24 Oct 2011, 04:00 (CET)

Compiled by Ace Ventura.

After a memorable summer Iboga Records and Ace Ventura present one of the biggest progressive compilations in recent history - the double CD mammoth 'Dance Computer'!

With his Ace Ventura project, Yoni Oshrat has been on top of the game in the progressive scene in half a decade. Before that he was part of the legendary project Psysex, and his reputation as a respectable producer in the psychedelic trance scene is undeniable. After compiling the successful series 'New order' for HOMmega records, it is time to finally present a compilation from his mother label Iboga.

CD1 is focused on high-intensity, pumping and more psychedelic sounds from the likes of Captain Hook, Liquid Soul, Sensient, Zen Mechanics, Rocky, Timelock and Ace Ventura, while CD2 also has groovier, club-friendly rhythms from the likes of Klopfgeister, Atmos, Motion Drive, Riktam and Bansi and Phaxe. We could continue listing all the big names on here, but the music itself should speak louder than words. Ace Ventura has made one of the best compilations of the year, and we're certain that you'll like it too.

SPECIALS+EVENTS   Weekend Promo: "VA - Goa Culture Vol. IV [Yellow Sunshine Explosion 2011]"
Playing: Friday 21 Oct 2011, 22:00 - Monday 24 Oct 2011, 04:00 (CET)

Goa Culture Series goes forward to Volume 4.

Volume 4 is compiled by Kularis, one of Germany's most respected Progressive Trance Producer from Hamburg and DJ Bim, label manager of YSE Recordings.

This 2CD Compilation is a mind-blowing progressive Goa Trance product with 19 exclusive tracks including some of the most sought after acts the scene has to offer, like Fabio and Benni Moon, DayDin, Klopfgeister and Kularis by himself.

This is Progressive Goa Trance at its best and rest assured that this Album will rock you.

  21 Sep 2011
   Goa X Vol. 9 [Yellow Sunshine Explosion 2011]
Playing: Friday 23 Sep 2011, 22:00 - Monday 26 Sep 2011, 04:00 (CET)

Get ready for the golden summer of love 2011 with 9 exclusive and unreleased tracks. Expect progressive vibes and melodic tunes delivered by the leading producers of this genre. Your perfect end for this year's psychedelic open air season!

  12 Sep 2011
   Sideform - Moving on [Yellow Sunshine Explosion 2011]
Playing: Friday 16 Sep 2011, 22:00 - Monday 19 Sep 2011, 04:00 (CET)

Rasko Radovanovic and Milos Modrinic aka Sideform are the founders and leading producers of Serbia's progressive psychedelic Sound.

Having released various EP's and singles on selected labels, YSE is proud to present their Debut Album 'Moving On'.

This Album is without a shadow of a doubt a ground-breaking work in the field of Trance.

Their unique style and mix of massive beats, crystal sound effects and classic Goa Trance elements is supported by fantastic hook lines and make this debut a real masterpiece!

  11 Aug 2011
   Weekend Promo: VA - Goa Classics 2 [TIP 2011]
Playing: Friday 12 Aug 2011, 22:00 - Monday 14 Aug 2011, 04:00 (CET)

In Goa Classics 2 we share another chapter of memories from yesteryear. Between 1994 and 1996 and wow those tunes still sound so good.

From the gloriously ecentric Johann to some of the classic early T.I.P., one of the legendary Hallucinogen early works and one of the all time classics from ManWithNoName. Also new boys Laughing Buddha arrived with a series of great tracks, here we have 'Karma', Orichalcum from Denmark provided some outstanding musical nuggets and 'Wicked Mille' is one of our all time favourites on the label. Still sounds awesome.

And of course the French maestro's Serge, Stef and Loic with Total Eclipse and The Antidotes 'Sunrise' which was the perfect end to many a party and is the perfect end to this album. This has been remastered to make these tracks sound fantastic and bring the sound right up to date.

Again fun to compile and tread through the memories. We hope you enjoy.

  27 Jul 2011
   Weekend Promo: VA - Planet Riders [Dimensional 2011]
Playing: Friday 29 Jul 2011, 22:00 - Monday 01 Aug 2011, 04:00 (CET)

This is the first chapter of the upcoming Dimensional Galaxy series.

With pleasure, we would like to present to you, the universal journey with the Dimensional Records crew.

Dimensional Records is a young label, but with an old and well experienced team behind it. As you had the pleasure to enjoy in our previous three official releases, so far, we hope that this one will bring you the same joy and happiness during it's consumption.

The theme of this compilation, as you can imagine, is the Universe, the uncharted space where mixed waves of quality music flows.

This time, in this first chapter, 10 well-trained cadets selected for this mission, and will take you on a ride trough the planets of the known and unknown universe. Team selectors: Kanc Cover and DJ Chakras

  29 Jun 2011
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Weekend Promo: "Flowjob - Sway [Iboga Trance 2011]"
Playing: Friday 1 Jul 2011, 22:00 - Monday 4 Jul 2011, 04:00 (CET)

Iboga Records presents the new Flowjob Album 'Sway'.

Summer has just arrived on the northern hemisphere, and there is definitely no better time to release the new album by the Danish act Flowjob!

After 2 very successful albums on Iboga Records and countless releases on top labels like Tribal Vision Records, Echoes Records and Flow Records, Flowjob is now the solo project of Joakim Hjorne, and on the new album 'Sway' he is on his own continuing the Flowjob-tradition of sun-filled progressive trance grooves. That being said, 'Sway' is more diverse than ever. The tracks range from the house-inspired 'Pimp Your Hat' and 'Panic in Purple' and the blissful chill out grooves of 'So Many Dynamos' to several straight up banging party-bombs like 'Goas Ark' and 'Mercury Calling (More info for the U.F.O's)'. The theme is still the same though. It's positive, groovy and dance-friendly music with that special Flowjob-sound.

SPECIALS+EVENTS   Weekend Promo: "Gaudium - Session of Progression [Iboga Trance_2011]"
Playing: Friday 1 Jul 2011, 22:00 - Monday 4 Jul 2011, 04:00 (CET)

Iboga Records presents Sweden's Gaudium and his third full-length album.

The new album is titled 'Session of progression'. Behind this new album stands Andreas Wennerskoeld. His style files under psy progressive or Progressive trance. On the album we find a collaboration track with top producer Ace Ventura. The track is called 'In Between',

Expect a solid and varied album from one of Scandinavia's best trance acts. Gaudium previously released the successful album 'So called Life' on Iboga Records (2007).

  18 May 2011
   Weekend Promo: Artifact303 - Back To Space [Suntrip 2011]
Playing: Friday 20 May 2011, 22:00 - Monday 23 May 2011, 04:00 (CET)

After 2 years of hard work, Artifact303 is proud to announce his debut-album called "Back to Space"!

Artifact303 is Zsolt Peter, a Hungarian artist from Romania, one of the biggest and brightest rising stars of the melodic Goa-trance genre...! He managed to get this very strong reputation because he released some absolutely superb melodic dance floor killers on compilations last few years.

What makes ?Back to Space? so unique is the fact that Artifact303 manages to mix fantastic melodies, lots of layers, a great story and brain-stretching climaxes perfectly together... Once you close your eyes and you listen to the music you end up in a hurricane of effects and melodies, putting a smile on your face! :)

You liked Astral Projection? MFG? Filteria? Oforia? You will love Artifact303's "Back to Space". Across 80 euphoric minutes, you will experience one of the most comprehensive blend of twisted Goa-trance released by Suntrip to date.

Enough said, check the music!

  07 Apr 2011
   Weekend Promo: 6 mixes from TB
Playing: Friday 8 Apr 2011, 22:00 - Monday 11 Apr 2011, 04:00 (CET)

Ambient & Downbeat

"Infinity & Beyond"
this is my first pure ambient mix! enjoy it like I do :)

"Beyond Infinity"
this is my second pure ambient mix! enjoy it like I do :) this one is goa ambient!

"Distances Vol. 2"
This is my masterpiece. A panoramic vision of ethereal morning sounds with oneiric harmonies. A mesmerizing ensemble of fresh atmospheres sustained by intense, forward driving melodies and rhythms. Vibrant and deeply emotional music flirting with sheer melancholy and hope.

Progressive & Goa

"Tribute to Goa Vol. 2"
finally! here is my long awaited 'Tribute to Goa Vol. 2' mix! enjoy 12 real classic goa anthems in a decent mix. you can expect A LOT of brainscrewin' TB303 acid sounds and many ethereal melodies! Goa at its best!

this is my latest progressive psytrance mix. another one with driving basslines and hypnotic melodies which will make you transcend into another dimension.

this is a mindblasting newschool goa trip into the deepest spheres of human consciousness! like always you can expect uplifting melodies and a lot brainscrewin' acid basslines!

  24 Mar 2011
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Weekend Promo: "E-Mantra - Visions from The Past [Altar 2011]"
Playing: Friday 25 Mar 2011, 22:00 - Monday 28 Mar 2011, 04:00 (CET)

This is the divine soundtrack of the deep dreaming landscapes!

After his remarkable and energetic Goa trance albums at Suntrip and Elektronica Records and his outstanding contributions to compilations from quality labels such as Altar, Ultiva, Moonquest, Phototropic, and U.S.T.A. Records, Emanuel Carpus (aka E-Mantra from Romania) hits the scene with his superbly cosmic third album, 'Visions From the Past'.

We offer to you nine new and unreleased gems that reflect the incredible passion and creativity burning within his heart and soul!

Included is an excellent remix of "Emptiness" by Reasonandu, another artist from Romania; co-worker and friend of Emanuel.

Listen to these ever changing ambient sounds, morphing and intertwining with melancholic progressive patterns unlike you've heard before as you are borne upon shifting layers of sound that drift the full spectrum from dark to bright emotions, everything brilliantly mixed for an unique result. These rhythms will guide your emotions to the higher states of subconsciousness!

Enjoy a wonderfully unusual Altar Records release, deeper and more psybient than ever.

SPECIALS+EVENTS   Weekend Promo: "Ticon - I Love You, Who Are You? [Iboga 2011]"
Playing: Friday 25 Mar 2011, 22:00 - Monday 28 Mar 2011, 04:00 (CET)

After a 3 year wait the Swedish duo Ticon is finally ready with their new, 5th full-length album 'I Love You, Who Are You?', and we at Iboga Records are very proud to welcome them onboard.

The legendary tale about Ticon started as the project Tripticon back in the 90's. Tripticon somewhere along the way became Ticon, and around the millennium the duo got attention from psychedelic trance heavyweight labels like TIP World and Dragonfly Records as well as the new, Swedish label Digital Structures, which was run by the duo Son Kite (now known as Minilogue). After some very successful singles they signed an album deal with Digital Structures and in 2001 their now classic debut album 'Rewind' was released.

Since then they have released the albums 'Aero', 'Zero Six After' and '2 am', and all have been trendsetting indicators of where the progressive psychedelic trance scene was heading at the particular time.

Much has happened since then though, and influences change. The new album is a great blend of progressive house, techno, tech house and progressive trance, but with the unique Ticon touch. A bit of fun, a hint of funk and heavy dose of dancefloor potential.

Also included in the package is a bonus CD with remixes by big techno, progressive and tech house artists like Spektre, Christian Smith, Weekend Heroes, Paul Thomas as well as Ticon remixes of Weekend Heroes, FM Radio Gods, Johnson and Haske and Gai Barone.

We know a lot of you have been waiting impatiently, and you won't be disappointed. And to all new fans of Ticon, prepare for one of the biggest albums this season!

  09 Mar 2011
EVENTS   Event: Bicycle Day III meets VuuV Festival
Location: Munich/Germany
When: Sa, 16. Apr. 11, 22:00h - So, 17. Apr. 11, 14:00h

  08 Mar 2011
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Weekend Promo: "Lish - Miles Away [Iboga 2011]"
Playing: Friday 11 Mar 2011, 22:00 - Monday 14 Mar 2011, 04:00 (CET)

We at Iboga Records are very proud to present the 3rd and long waited full-length album from Lish. Undoubtedly among the best ambassadors for the progressive scene in Israel for almost a decade, and stronger than ever.

The duo consists of Lior Maimon and Shay Tiab, and over the years they have been consistently been on top of the game, from the dark tech and psychedelic trance inspired sounds on their first album 'Dejavodoo' in 2002, to the mellower, melodic progressive trance sound on 'Free Fall' and their more progressive house and tech house inspired sound in recent years.

The 3rd album 'Miles Away' has been in the works for a while, and it oozes with quality. The grooves are uplifting and aimed for the dance floor, and the duo have carefully selected some of the best elements of the techno and minimal wave, while still maintaining elements of their past in trance. The best example of this would be their new remix of the classic collaboration with Ace Ventura, 'The Light'.

All in all 'Miles Away' is a prime example of why their sets are in such high demand across the globe; from underground outdoor parties in their homeland of Israel, club parties in Europe, festivals in Japan or the mega outdoor events in Brazil.

  04 Mar 2011
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Weekend Promo: "Antares - Exodus [Suntrip 2011]"
Playing: Friday 04 Mar 2011, 22:00 - Monday 07 Mar 2011, 04:00 (CET)

Antares, aka Simon Felix, is an 18 year old Belgian melodic goa trance talent! He showcased his talent before on some compilations and is now ready to blow you away with his magical storytelling debut-album called Exodus!

His music can be best described as pure sensitive spiritual goa-trance with an acidic edge. His fairytale starts with Exodus, which is a slow and deep downtempo intro track. It is followed by the progressively building morning monster Mysticism. After that the energy rises and Aurum Solis is a great uplifting goa-trance track. In the 4th Dimension and Dreaming Universe we get loads of acid 303's on top of the goa-trance melodies which results in twisted dancefloor monsters... After that we go back into the floating style with Mount Meru and specially Astral Plane that are pure morning trance gems. The album ends in beauty with a soft downtempo track called Sun Sacntuary!

Lovers of melodic goa-trance will feel pure joy while listening this album and we at Suntrip think this artists fits perfect in the row of our other spiritual goa trance producers such as RA or Khetzal!

  19 Nov 2010
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Weekend Promo: "Astropilot - Here and Now [Altar 2010]"
Playing: Friday 19 Nov 2010, 22:00 - Monday 22 Nov, 04:00 (CET)

Astropilot aka Dmitry V. Red'Ko, will once again proove his status as a unique composer with his 3rd album "Here and Now"... Psytrance music like no other, his sound is unheard: it simply can't be compared!

His first album, "Fruits of the Imagination", was a great success in 2007, and after an excursion into the depths of the Universe in early 2010 with his album "Solar Walk" (Altar Records), he's back with a new album - "Here and Now" - a very solid work that will start up a musical tsunami all over the world!

Many musicians are inspired by Astropilot's music, but none can follow him into his rapid ascension!

"Here and Now" is an album that is at once charming, spiritual, senseful, and mind-opening into the essence of what humanity is going through in 2010.

Astropilot has seen into our craziest dreams and is showcasing them in a tornado of psychedelic notes, showing us once again that he is a musical master.

  8 Oct 2010
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Weekend Promo: "SunControlSpecies - ii [Iboga 2010]"
Playing: Friday 15 Oct 2010, 20:00 - Monday 18 Oct, 02:00 (CET)

Iboga Records Presents the long awaited second album from Australia's 'SunControlSpecies'.

This time with the sophomore album, simply named 'ii', which is a highly anticipated, seminal release from Iboga Records. This album is a powder-keg of tunes, full of sub-driven, highly detailed, once-in-a-lifetime tracks.

Suncontrolspecies is exploding back onto the scene. A mature outlook comprising softer, more complete soundscapes, this artist has taken his personal knowledge and experience of the psychedelic and streamlined it.

From highly self-expressive tracks like 'Serenaii', 'Two' and 'Scalar Fields', to retro-futuristic guns-blazing stormers like 'Yaban' and 'Quadrant', also the relentless upward curve of 'Spleens', it is clear to SCS that the future is indeed an analog one.

If you are one of those people who is looking for that special something, then dont miss out on this milestone release from SunControlSpecies.

  4 Oct 2010
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Weekend Promo: "Electrypnose - Sweet Sadness [Suntrip 2010]"
Playing: Friday 8 Oct 2010, 20:00 - Monday 11 Oct, 02:00 (CET)

Vince le Barde, aka Electrypnose, is probably best known as a top dark trance producer. But Suntrip wants to show, like others did before, that he is a super talented artist, who loves to explore other types of electronic music as well! As a result we offer 'Sweet Sadness', the second ambient album by Electrypnose! The first one, 'Subliminal Melancholies', was released in 2006 and got superb feedback. This sequel gives us more sensitive soundscapes, piano-led melodies, sinister atmospheres and atypical rhythms!

'Sweet Sadness' is a vastly diverse album. Naturally some tracks are very chilled, almost rhythmless, while others give way to more traditional Ambient. Then Vince goes forth in his explorations to modern classical music and even electro-influenced downtempo!

What makes all these tracks so unique is Electrypnose's ability to create music with a soul... Thanks to that, his music is perfect to lay down and dream away... Will you join us?

  1 Oct 2010
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Promo: "GMO vs. Dense - Through Other Glasses [Altar 2010]"
Start: Friday 1 Oct 2010, 20:00 CET

The chillgressive view describes this new experience of progressive chill out versions by reworking the main melodies and uplifting moods to explore and to groove.

Tested on many German and Canadian open air psychedelic trance festivals over the summer, we are now proud to present nine selected remixes which will satisfy the minds and ears of those who?ve been wanting new progressive chill out.

It is unnecessary to present Olaf Gretzmacher aka GMO from Germany, a pioneer in trance progressive sound! For this exclusive release, Dense aka Christian Schoeps from chillgressive tunes, a near friend to Olaf, has reworked 9 of the original compositions from the legendary albums "Einblick", "Landscapes" and "Groovy Day", transforming them into progressive chillout versions. The result is remarquable and original, suiting perfectly the amazing summer we are experiencing.

Another Altar Records progressive-chill release not to be missed!

  23 Sep 2010
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Promo: "Goa Classics 1 [TIP 2010]"
Start: Friday 24 Sep 2010, 20:00 CET

Q. What Do we Have Here? A. 10 Remastered Goa Classics.

Wow this was fun to compile. After suddenly getting backcat license requests for the next Paul Oakenfold Goa mix cd and also old school Goa Trance comps on Sony, Ministry of Sound and others we realised we werenŽt on our own in appreciation for the early sounds.

Our DJ's are getting booked to play retro Goa sets. Up on chats on facebook etc we discovered that there is a bit of a revival in the early sounds that defined a genre and a lifestyle for hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. And almost no one can compile an album of these early Goa Trance party classics like Tip Records can. These 10 tunes are the real deal.

Genre defining classics and great musical nuggets of history. The hard part was keeping it to 10. We already have a part 2 lined up.

We then dug deep to find some old screen printed sleeves, posters, limited edition single art and white labels to use in the artwork. All packaged up with sleeve notes about the tracks. Highlights are impossible... its 10 highlights.

  10 Sep 2010
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Promo: "Galaxy - Everlasting Tone [Chillcode 2010]"
Start: Friday 10 Sep 2010, 22:00 CET

Galaxy is the chillout and downtempo project of Boris Blenn, the German composer behind psy-trance project Electric Universe. With his fourth Galaxy album he produced an absolute brilliant album, an ambient music milestone, a true chillout classic. This album is a goldmine and has the potential of becoming one of your most favorite albums ever!

It's a splendid, richly-textured, fascinating melodic excursion where classic ambient landscapes are enriched with absolutely gorgeous and mesmerizing melodies. Think of it a kind a slow-mo space ambient for armchair traveling ... an incredible, deeply impressive acoustic journey that's worth taking many times over.

This album is definitely a true chillout classic ... a big star on ambient sky!

  23 Aug 2010
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Start: Friday, 27 Aug 2010, 20:00 CET
Promo: "Sunstryk Live in Switzerland - July 2010"

Thomas Sunstryk is a progressive psytrance act from Germany born in 1980. He discovered goa- and psytrance parties in his area in the year 2000, when he was 20 years old, and was instantly infected by its unique sounds and experiences. During the last years he was experimenting a lot with digital and analogue instruments to realize his own interpretation of music within psytrance.

His first tracks were released on Plusquam Records where he will also release his debut album 'Pure Essence'. A lot of collaborations emerged new versus tracks and remixes by good names of the progressive-psytrance scene lately.

Genre: Progressive PsyTrance, tracks ranging from 130 - 136 bpm Style: Strong Basslines, serious melow-melodic and emotional stories,

  30 Jul 2010
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Friday, 30 Jul 2010, 20:00 CET
Promo: "Zero Cult - Where Rivers Have No Name"

Chillcode Music proudly presents the new long-awaited Zero Cult album.

Here comes the new album from the israelian artist Zero Cult who has released already three successful albums before on the greek label Cosmicleaf Records. The 4th studio album on Chillcode Music is an amazing, chilled and mellow journey through gorgeous atmospheric ambient landscapes. Unique, warm, deep and colourful ambient and downbeat.

A fascinating collection of nine brandnew, high class chillout tracks, dont miss it!

26 Mar 2010 - promotion of 3 new albums

  Start: 27 Mar 2010, 16:00 CET
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Altar Records | Compilation "Earth"

Altar Records presents its fourth compilation under the theme of the element :EARTH:.

In the course of 2009 throughout 2010, Gabriel aka Dj Zen (Altar Records' producer) will be compiling - for your pleasure - a total of 5 high quality compact discs - high quality in terms of the excellent artists presented in the compilations, the fully recyclable product packaging and last but not least their collection value : the discs will be limited to an output of 500 in total.

A year after the release of "Air", Dj Zen compiles :Earth: with the collaboration of Iz Marceau, therefore adding femininity and gentleness over the most magical of the Elements releases.

This 4th release colourfully vibrates of deep and melodic sounds, and I thank every artist on this compilation for having created music which specifically celebrates Mother Earth, Gaia, Pacha Mama...whatever you may call her!

I pay my respects to her, for through her grace and will she knows how to lovingly create and support all living things and creatures under her sky.

We owe her everything!

SPECIALS+EVENTS   Suntrip Records | Compilation "Energy Waves"

"The Energy Wave is a disturbance, that propagates through space and time, usually with transference of positive energy!" And positive energy we bring! Suntrip starts 2010 with a compilation filled with 9 positive, dreamy, melodic sunrise tracks for magical dancefloor moments!

Like usual, our compilations are a mix between established and new talents! As a Suntripper, you'll recognise Mindsphere for sure. He starts with a beautiful atmospheric downtempo track, followed by a morning masterpiece from the Brazilian talent Astrancer.

After that, E-Mantra's remix of Khetzal's classic "Indian Attic" gives more drive and power to the compilation.

Now you're ready to discover new shapes and horizons, you'll enjoy 2 storming tracks by Suntrip-debuts Liquid Flow and French Somnesia vs PharaOm.

Then let's get back to dreamland again: Astrancer and Antares made beautiful ethereal tracks willed with positivism.

RA and Space Elves finish the compilation with very deep emotional-to-euphoric trancy music!

Be prepared for more energy: this compilation is actually the first episode of a dual release. The second part, called "Temple of Chaos" will spring up later this year and will concentrate on darker, more twisted and acidic Goa trance!

SPECIALS+EVENTS   Cosmicleaf Records | Zen Garden - "Simple Thought"

Liberating dreams, like moments that shine, sing and explode.

Zen Garden were born in 2007 by core- creators Stefanos Tortopoglou (Music: Synths, Guitars, Samplers, Programming) and Roxani Garefalaki (Vocals, Lyrics, Performance: stilts, silks).They marry electronic with pagan sound, as well as elements from various music styles (from ambient,dance and electronica to electroacoustic pop, rock and ethnic).

Having gig in many festivals and events around Greece and impressing with their live support on Juno Reactor live in Athens and Future Sound Of London Live in Athens. Cosmicleaf continues to deliver you fresh quality music!

  14 Jan 2010
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Friday, 15 Jan 2010, 18:00 CET
Promo: "2A - Hologram"

2A in "HOLOGRAM" creates a superb series of contemporary new age electronic music. In his debut album "HOLOGRAM", Apostolos Angelis as known as 2A, delves into a cosmic musical futurism with a panoramic fervor that transcends sampling technologies and ordinary musical techniques. By introducing a contemporary new age work characterized by organic analogue and digital feel, muted drum beats, melodic sounds and ethereal golden textures, the artist guides cosmic fragments into a unique music expression, incorporating warmth, diverse emotions and hidden messages. With skilful performance and innovative fusion of advanced synthesizers, microtuning alteration, choirs, chants, virtual & processed voices, world vocals and orchestral elements, 2A makes everything blend together in a vast musical imagery, and gifts an album without boundaries or limits.

The album opens magisterially with "Mars to Gaia". Created by a palette of keyboard washes, female voices and hypnotic layers, the opening title evokes the sense of distant rhythmic human steps in cosmic dust and creates the ambience for the ensuing.

In celebrating the libidinous surrealistic "Ether Rails", the composer mixes incantatory gothic choirs, African voices, female whisperings and drums that tranquilly break bones, with inspired dreamy harmonies and melodies. "Sun’s Death" slides into a combination of virtual Tibetan chanting, classic church organ parts, ethereal opera vocals and delirious analogue synthesizers that generate the darkness of a universal burial rites. With the enigmatic title "Unfolded Square of Weakness" 2A merges profound melodies, synth sweeps, lickerish exotic voices and antigravity non-Western drum blips that all together lead in a peaceful Gregorian chant at the end of the track.

You can feel his journey in the dark side of all things, and fantasize a walk on a corridor with candlesticks at the "Cemetery of Dreams", accompanied by sacred ancient voices, heavy unrealistic percussion grooves, angel choirs with doppler effects, suspenseful sound layers and timpani booms. An illusory place, where human dreams are buried.

With the closing track "Planets Symposium", the composer changes the motive of his work and brings forward a heavenly, massive, and delicate track. By blending classical sounding orchestral percussion and chorus with tribal vocals, arpeggio synthesizer instruments, keyboard layers and effects, 2A creates the majesty of a planetary symposium and reveals his multidimensional art.

  11 Dec 2009 - promotion of 2 new albums

  Start: Today - Friday 11 Dec 2009 @ 20:00 CET
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Chillcode Music | Kuba - "Bringing it All Back Home"

Chillcode Music proudly presents the 4th studio album of british artist Kuba. The album contains twelve fresh n crispy tracks, inter alia two excellent tracks in cooperation with Michele Adamson and further outstanding tracks with the collaboration of kuba fellow-artists.

The result is a high-grade Kuba chillout album with lots of diversified styles and Dub and Reggea influences.

His debut album, Inside Out has already received great interest ... gaining airplay on Radio 1 as well as Ministry's chill out show. The first Kuba track released on Zulu Lounge Records went to number 1 in a Brazilian Chillout chart!

Building on this exposure and success, Laurence has done remixes for bands such as Suns of Arqa and Loose Juice among others. He has a refreshing versatility of styles in his sound repertoire, ranging from Dub, Electro, Latin, African and Acoustic Deep House to more upbeat dance related projects.

Chilling and relaxing in various styles and tempos! Enjoy!

SPECIALS+EVENTS   Suntrip | E-Mantra - "Arcana"

Suntrip is back with more GoaTrance craziness! We are proud to present the debut album from E-Mantra, called Arcana. This album is a concentrate of twisted, acidic, spiraling and psychedelic madness mixed with fantastic melodies!

E-Mantra, Emmanuel Carpus from Romania, proves that Goa-Trance opens new horizons even in 2009. Starting with Praying Forest, E-Mantra gives the tone: morning melodies, mixed with intense acid-storms for a great night-feeling! Shamanistic Rituals follows on these steps with a more tribal ambience including spacey fx and galactic loops punctuated by timeless breaks...

With Last encounter and War of the Hierophants, weare facing no-compromise acidic Etnicaesque tracks full of transcendent, entangled patterns. Hold your breath!

Approaching Nibiru is clearly more morning influenced and encompasses ethereal blissful melodies combined with a powerful drive. Following closely, Dansul Ielelor is a totally exhilarating track: a delicate blooming with a shot of adrenalin!

Opus Iridium already showed Emanuel's talent for ambient.We're fulfilled here again with two beautiful downtempo tracks: Ninive underthe Stars is a heartbreaking ode to the firmament with unique textures. Lastly, Beyond the Boreas unfolds its fractalized landscape in front of you.

Arcana is more than just a GoaTrance album; it's an initiatory passage to the fabrics of psychedelic music.

  21 Nov 2009
Yesterday at 21:00 CET we had a seroius problem with our old server and in the end a hard disk died silently. After some investigation I decide not to change only the disk but replace the whole server instead. The new server is online since some hours (it has a builtin RAID controller to avoid such bad things for the future hopefully...). I'am just in the process of filling the new server with a backup from the old disks but some files are lost completely and I have to write some scripts new from scratch. Thats why it take some more time before we can go online again.


  08 Oct 2009
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Friday, 09 Oct 2009, 00:01 CET
Promo: "Fire [Altar 2009]"

Altar Records presents its third compilation under the theme of the element : FIRE.

In the course of 2009 throughout 2010, Gabriel aka Dj Zen (Altar Records' producer) will be compiling - for your pleasure - a total of 5 high quality compact discs - high quality in terms of the excellent artists presented in the compilations, the fully recyclable product packaging and last but not least their collection value : the discs will be limited to an output of 500 in total.

Dj Zen wishes you all a warm welcome into the heat of his new compilation, "Fire", available on Altar Records.

Fire which hypnotizes the spirit, Fire which purifies and warms us up...

Here is presented the latest Elements compilation produced with strength and tenderness by DjZen.

The artists participating on this project surpassed expectations with original and exclusive titles written during the warm season.

This 3rd opus is the most "up-tempo" of the Altar Records series, with beats varying between 70 and 144 bpm.

Prepare to fall into trance and to extend the most beautiful season of the year by dancing on the best music in existence.

Right after "Air" and "Water" , which brought you on a trip high up in the heavens and deeply immersed into the seas, you will now be purified and warmed up by the most intense Element.

May your listening experience be good!

19 Jun 2009 - promotion of 3 new albums... soon!

Start: Friday, 19 Jun 2009 | 22:00 (CET)
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Cosmicleaf Records | D. Batistatos - "Weeper On The Shore"

Sounds and impressions of underwater colours.

Dimitris Batistatos returns with a freshly updated and contemporary second studio album. His debut album "Architect" was an introduction in what follows from this talented Greek artist who has done his downtempo debut through Nova Natura compilations.

"Weeper On The Shore" is another great chill out experience flirting with world fusion, lounge and dub electronica,pleasing us once more with his unique style, perfect for sunsets and listening in nature.

"Weeper On The Shore" includes remixes from the cosmicleaf roster, Cydelix and Zero Cult and firstly presented at Gathering of the Tribes 2008 in Germany.

Music with attitude from Cosmicleaf Records.

SPECIALS+EVENTS   Altar Records | Compilation "Water"

Altar records presents its second compilation under the theme of the element : WATER.

In the course of 2009 throughout 2010, Gabriel aka Dj Zen (Altar Records' producer) will be compiling - for your pleasure - a total of 5 high quality compact discs - high quality in terms of the excellent artists presented in the compilations, the fully recyclable product packaging and last but not least their collection value : the discs will be limited to an output of 500 in total.

Dj Zen wishes you all a warm welcome into the aquatic world of his new compilation, "Water", available on Altar Records.

Right after "Air", that brought you on a trip high up in the heavens, you will now be immersed in the source element of all life on Earth.

Expect streams of psychedelic emotions flowing from your ears all the way into your veins.

You will hear waterfalls, ocean sounds and rain and, of course, a lot of beats and melodies.

The artists have created - especially for you and exclusively for this cd - natural and digital liquid ambiances based on their own visions of this element and its growing rarity.

May your listening experience be good!

SPECIALS+EVENTS   Cosmicleaf Records | Zero Cult - "Dreams In Stereo"

A voyage through stereo images and space frequencies!

Emil Ilyayev aka Zero Cult has connects his name well with a special space ambient electronica style and its one from the top Israel producers on this kind. Finally after long waiting, he delivered us his new third studio album freshest than ever.

If you liked his two previous Art of Harmony and Ikebana, surely u will love that too. It’s a blend of previous two, spiced with new grooves and atmospheres plus a remix of Side Liner’s once upon a time track.

This new album would be official presented live to listeners, 12 July 2009, from Zero Cult at chill out stage of PNF Festival in Israel. Along with other top local names as Shulman and Capsula.

Don't miss this new ambient chill gem!

  30 Apr 2009
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Friday, 01.05.2009, 18:00 CET
Promo: "Air [Altar 2009]"

Altar records presents its first compilation under the theme of the first element : AIR.

In the course of 2009 throughout 2010, Gabriel aka Dj Zen (Altar Records' producer) will be compiling - for your pleasure - a total of 5 high quality compact discs - high quality in terms of the excellent artists presented in the compilations, the fully recyclable product packaging and last but not least their collection value : the discs will be limited to an output of 300 in total, each with a unique hand-written number.

Each lot of 300 Cd's will be professionnally printed in Quebec, Canada, in Digipack de luxe format, therefore saving on transportation costs normally involved in the distribution process.

The lots will be distributed exclusively by Altar-Records.com and on Discogs for the CD format, as well as in all the good digital distribution stored on the Internet such as Beatport for you Ipod.

Dj Zen has given himself the task of producing an exclusive worldwide series under the Elements theme : first comes "Air", then "Fire" will come in the course of summer 2009, "Earth" in the fall and finally "Ether", scheduled for the next winter in 2010.

During the winter months of 2009, "Air" will come out and will be featuring string and wind instruments that will make you float high up into melodic heavens with known artists Asura, Aes Dana, Solar Fields, Zymosis, RA, Chronos.., without forgetting some high quality danceable psychedelic ambiant compositions that are sure to prime the dancefloors of your upcoming parties!

Don't miss your chance to get a copy - there won't be many and the collectioner status of these discs will be in effect with the first 200 copies sold.

  28 Jan 2009
After a long time of laziness we are happy to inform you about a really HUGE update of our music archive!

We added more than 30 new albums, compilations and eps. You can listen to the new albums from Atmos, Vibrasphere, Ace Ventura and Solar Fields now.

Just to name a few :) enjoy!!

  16 Jan 2009
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Friday, 16.01.2009
Promo: "Side Liner - Crying Cities [Cosmicleaf 2009]"

A music story for the future of big cities and their citizens' dreams!

Nick Miamis loyal on his annual music report, bring us his forth Side Liner album. A concept about the future of big cities, a future that maybe has already come!

Emotional patterns and soundtrack atmospheres, a kaleidoscope of sounds from downtempo to chill out, from breaks to ambient, under crystal production and the unique side liner style. A fantastic journey through the melancholy of music with soft and hard moments.

Including collaborations from artists as D.Batistatos, Zero Cult, Cydelix, Red Eye Express & Secret Sound Labs.

Join the chilling shade of our cosmic leaves.

  02 Nov 2008
We are very happy to announce that we will do promo events for Unicorn Music and Cosmicleaf Records (Athens/Greece) now. First we have added 2 mixes done by Side Liner and Sunhize and a great liveset done by the label head Side Liner.

Here are some promotional infos about the mixes/livesets:

SPECIALS+EVENTS   Side Liner live at Reef [Cosmicleaf]

Nick Miamis aka Side Liner is the label manager of Unicorn Music and Cosmicleaf Records, With 3 albums "Emotional Diving" (2006) , "Once Upon A Time" (2007), "My Guardian Angel" (2008) which got wicked feedback worldwide and a new forthcoming in 2009, "Crying Cities". Also has lot of tracks released in several compilations from various labels including his own and has done the compiling of VA Nova Natura series.

SPECIALS+EVENTS   Fragile Life mixed by Side Liner [Cosmicleaf]

Cosmicleaf records have discovered new visual soundscapes that want to share with you in this new compilation. We will not try this time to describe with words our new sound environment, sound emotions are hard to be described but proudly invite you to listen this new release. We prefer in this few lines to spread a message... the idea that created this release. Get rid off the hate and bad feelings, our lives are so fragile for wasting our time with such emotions, enjoy every single moment and stay together with people who love and care about and let be good music the soundtrack of your life! The new sound enviroment created from our usual supects: D.Batistatos,Zero Cult,Side Liner,Del feat Cydelix,MLT,Omegahertz,Goasia and with 2 new entries from: Will-O'-The-Wisp and Red Eye Express.

SPECIALS+EVENTS   Unicorn Promo mixed by Sunhize [Unicorn Music]

Mike Petropoulos (24) comes from Greece (from the small city of Amaliada actually but lives at Aigaleo - Athens since 2002), produces music for the last 7 years and is behind the project 'Sunhize'. This project was created with John Dimitropoulos at 2004. Since then, the duo released quite a few tracks exclusively at Unicorn-music. Now Mike continues on his own at the same orientation producing electro, progressive and chill out music.

  • Winner of Amstel Pulse & Yves Larock remix contest (Greece - Summer 2008) with the track 'Yves Larock - Say Yeah (Sunhize vs Naoumis remix)
  • Radio producer (2001-2007) at various local radio stations (Venus fm 105.1 - Amaliada, RSA fm 92.7 - Amaliada and Best 103.3 Fm - Pyrgos)
  • Has performed at various gigs at Greece and mainly at his hometown
  • Was the former of the Phoenix project (2001-2004)
  • Co-founder of Dzopa-music with Eniak and Aviron
  • and last, does the production on most of the tracks of his close friend Eniak (George Mpelesis) which are also released from Unicorn-music
Also we will add nearly the complete release catalog of Unicorn Music & Cosmicleaf soon.

Big thanks to Nick aka Side Liner for providing this!

You can expect promo events within the next few days! Stay tuned!

divbyzero/de - promo stream
Soon / Oct 2008
Promo: Iboga Double Feature, Liquid Soul - Love in Stereo & Set9 - Desert Selections

After some weeks of 'promo silence' we're pleased to play two new Iboga releases - stay tuned!

[Liquid Soul - Love in Stereo]

Fill your heart with Liquid Souls 'Love In Stereo'. After two years since Liquid Soul first album Iboga Records can present the second and long awaited album from one of Iboga Records best selling artists: Liquid Soul
Love In Stereo is the perfect title for this new blasting album. It makes you smile and is full of love.
Nicola Capobinco has completed yet another masterpiece. With his tight, fat production he gives us an album with 9 new and exclusive tunes from his studio in Zurich.
Since Liquid Souls first album, Nicolo has been close to fully booked with his live and DJ sets every weekend worldwide. Besides this, he has licensed out his tunes to labels like: Intergroove, Flow Rocords, Hommega and Blue Tunes besides others. This shows us a bit about the high demand for his music. With this new album he is setting a new milestone for the progressive trance scene, and he will satisfy thousands of fans with his new productions.
Already, some top producers are now making remixes from his new album, names like Jerome Isma, RPO, Atmos, Gaudium, Side A to name few.

[Set9 - Desert Selections]

Iboga Records presents another smashing release in the set series. Set:9 Desert Selections is compiled by Iboga label DJ Treavor Moontribe from Los Angeles, California USA.
Treavor is one of the founders of LA's Moontribe Collective and it's world famous Full Moon Desert Parties started in 1993! Over the course of 15+ years, he has established himself as an extremely talented and versatile DJ and top notch Producer as well. Dating back to 1994, Treavor has countless releases on labels such as BMG, City of Angels, Moonshine Music, System Recordings, Bedrock Records and a host of others. Together with music partner Amani Friend, the duo create as Desert Dwellers and showcased here on Set:9 are a couple of their finest works to date!
Set:9 gets started with a bang in Ecliptic's remix of Desert Dwellers Stratosphere. Opting for a more Prog House tempo, yet keeping with their traditional Psy Prog grooves, Ecliptic really brought out the best in themselves on this remix. Up next are several of Iboga's usual suspects in Sun Control Species, Nyquist, Ace Ventura and BBE's remix of C-Jays Miko. Each artist leaning more toward the Prog House side with seamless integration of Trance sounds and FX. Then comes a long awaited new track from legendary producer Saikopod who unleashes a storming Electro House tune Electroid Sheep. Canadian artist FM Radio Gods is up next and WHAT A TUNE they have for us here in Musak Attack. This is Electro Techno at it's finest with a moody bass/synth line and a lead hook that will set the crowd off every time!
To round out the compilation, Treavor wanted to showcase his love for Techno and what a better way than to start off with one of his own Desert Dwellers tunes A Little Spice. Followed by what is sure to be the biggest hit of Set:9 is Erphun's Double Shift. This track has the support of big time DJs Sasha, Steve Porter, Oliver Moldan and many more! Think Trentemoller meets the Minus crew sounds and that's where you'll find Double Shift To put the final stamp on an amazing journey of music comes a earth shaking remix by Fiord of Perfect Stranger's Clear Vision 07. The bass in this track is so deep, the Vocal sample so heavy and the sound scape so rich that it was only fitting to end here and leave everyone begging for more!

divbyzero/de - promo stream
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Friday, 13.06.2008
Promo: Iboga Records Presents FREq "Remixed"

After two huge albums "Strange attractors" & "Gosub 20", which has been two of the most successfull albums on iboga records ever, FREq - Aran Gallagher - is finally ready to deliver a special remix package including his own choices of top international artists in a broad range of styles.

On the CD you'll also find a new massive FREq tune, "Away", which has been played around the globe with great responses during 2007.

Top remixers include Tristan, RPO, Atmos, Jerome de Ismae, Protoculture & Ace Ventura. Furthermore there's a Nyquist remix, a side project Aran is running together with his mate Ben Hartley, with whom he is preparing a debut Nyquist album during 2008.

The FREq remix CD reminds many of us why FREq is considered one of the absolute top producers in the scene, while new listeners will discover some of the best dance music available in today's market.

divbyzero/de - promo stream
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Friday, 28.03.2008
Promo: Iboga Records Presents "Flowjob - Zentertainment"

Iboga Records Presents the Second album from Flowjob "Zentertainment".

Joakim Hjorne and Mads Tinggaard are again behind the project, which "live-set" has seen great success around the globe, especially in Brazil. The boys are finally ready with a follow up to their successful debut album from 2006 "Support Normality", an album which included their hit "Run baby Run".

Their sound is rich, melodic and creative, and generates a positive vibe at home listening and certainly on the dance floors. Top notch production ensures a very high quality product once again from Flowjob & Iboga Records. This album surely is to be heard all over at the forthcoming 2008 summer season festivals. Groovy sunshine music to bring smiles on the faces, don't miss it...

divbyzero/de - promo stream
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Friday, 29.02.2008
Promo: Iboga Records Presents "Set: 8 - Electronic Ballroom"

Emok & Banel have again compiled a new release in Iboga Records Set series. This time it's called: Electronic Ballroom. The CD contains 9 exclusive club tracks.

The CD starts of with a electro remix of the old BLT & Danni Makov hit - Patterns of from A Balter, then a new monster tune from Maelstrom that will for sure make the dance floor euphoric. Next is Peter Gun & Terzi, this time with a hit called Acapulco. This tune was for long no 2 on release records promo pool.

Nyquist rock again with a new fat club tune, we are looking forward to the Nyquist album later in the year. The a long awaited tune from Behind Blue Eyes. This time in corporation with Swedish Krusseldorf. Next is C-Jay from Amsterdam here with a Jaydee remix. This tune has been hitting online on Beatport.

At last Elegant Universe is back with a new monster track on Iboga Records and after is the Ticon due from Sweden with their club project NDSA, this tune rocks and as the final tune we find the new Iboga artist Quantize from Israel, this is the only fast tune on the CD, but its surly a hit. Quantize will release their debut album on Iboga in beginning of 2009.

Sunday, 18.11.2007 - 3 promostreams !
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Iboga Records Presents "Antix - Wandering DVD + Remixes"

Last December Antix toured North America, playing dates in NY, Seattle and Montreal, armed with a...

...camera crew capturing behind the scenes footage, candid interviews and live performances. Backed with the Wanderers soundtrack of their last album and showcasing their latest live set up. This double disc DVD/CD package comes with 12 re dubbed edits from dub step, minimal to trip rock. Be lead astray and witness the results of this recent adventure.

Iboga Records and Antix are proud to present Wandering The Remixes and DVD. The 30 minute DVD of the USA Antix tour and a wonderful 12 track remix CD containing an impressive selection of artists giving their interpretation of the already famous Antix tracks. The album is perfect for the home and also certainly for the progressive dance floors of today.

A modern sound that is very hard to ignore, it will sweep across the dance floors of clubs and festival in the coming months.

Don't miss out on this exclusive and beautiful release in digi pack format.

SPECIALS+EVENTS   Iboga Records / Sofa beats Presents the new album by Krusseldorf "Smokers Lounge"

Behind 'Krusseldorf', we find the multi talented Swede - Simon Heath.

Simon, born in 1977, started producing when he early on played around with his Amiga and a microphone. In the years that have followed, Simon got involved in numerous projects and developed his knowledge and skills. During the process and through the years, he has been part of writing 10 albums and additionally many other tracks on compilations and other albums, released under various names, touching a broad range of ambient, dub, IDM and psy music. Simon has reached a very high level both in story telling and production technique, and the new album is full of brilliant music, written with passion and heart.

Iboga Records / Sofa Beats introduced Krusseldorf on the Floating Point 4 compilation from spring 2007 and releases a digital download EP with 2 more tracks at the end of this year.

Krusseldorf's 'Smokers lounge' is a true inspiration, a wonderful, intelligent album with many great moments.

Another top album from Iboga Records / Sofa Beats!

SPECIALS+EVENTS   Iboga Records proudly presents the solo album by Maelstrom aka Dj Emok

Mikael dahlgaard (Emok) is the man behind the name Maelstrom. He has been working on his solo album during the last 2 years and recently started to perform it live as well.

Emok is together with Michael Banel, during the last 10 years, the driving force behind the Iboga label, and together with Jeppe ornkilde, he has released two full-lenght albums as Phoney Orphants with great success during the years all the way back to the early iboga days.

The new album by Maelstrom, consists of some very interesting collaborations, with top names such as Liquid Soul, Nyquist, Hydrophonic from South Africas Nano records and Ndsa aka Ticon, which has taken place over the spring and summer 2007, and spiced up with some of his best solo tracks.

The Cd also contains 2 remixes from the momentary in topform artists - Motion Drive and Perfect Stranger. All tracks are written for the dancefloor and tested with crowds all over the world during emoks many travels, to positive respons, working in both clubs and at big festivals.

Emok has during many years build a very strong reputation, known for his top-quality Dj sets, which has seen him become one of the most requested djs globally and he is also known for his creative and firm skills in the studio. He has an exquisite ear for todays progressive sounds and grooves, an ability that shines through on the album.

Its in place to say that maelstrom / emok is to be found at the forefront of todays artists, writing cutting edge progressive dance music.

Expect a top album once again from Iboga Records!

I've added a dedicated oldschool stream for testing purposes, maybe someone like it :-). Let's see if it is worth to keep it running.


  s p e c i a l s  &  e v e n t s
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Monday, 01.10.2007
Promo: Iboga Records Presents the new album by Ace Ventura "Rebirth".

Behind 'Ace Ventura' stands Yoni Oshrat from Israel.

Under the name 'Ace Ventura', Yoni has found himself very successful with his formula of fat pumping progressive trance. A sound which has seen him make it quite big, these days playing all over the world as one of the most requested act.

Ace Ventura already had some very big tracks on Iboga, namely 'Cardiac Arrest' and 'R.I.S.E.', which is to be found on the compilations 'Set:4 Essentials' and 'Hibernation' respectively.

Yoni also enjoyed success some years back as a part of the duo 'Psysex', which made it quite big in the full-on circles, and is also behind the project 'Schatsi', which is concentrating on Electro-house music.

The album 'Rebirth' has been very carefully written during a long time and at Iboga we are sure that it will be among the best and biggest of 2007.

  s p e c i a l s  &  e v e n t s
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Monday, 17.09.2007
Promo: Iboga Records Presents the new album by Gaudium 'So called life'

After a great success with the Swedish duo's first album 'Nordic Nature', which was released on Spiral Trax, the boys are ready to deliver the next batch of pure Scandinavian progressive trance music.

Their sound is rich and emotional with a certain depth, containing high quality sound production, placing them firmly at the top of their genre. It works magic on the dance floors, already proven by the Iboga DJs and in their own live sets around the globe. Underlining the quality at hand, we also find their hit '4 outputs' on the disc, Previously featured on 'Set: 7' from Iboga, and a track that already made a good & solid impact globally.

Another winner CD from Gaudium & Iboga Records!

  s p e c i a l s  &  e v e n t s
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Tuesday, 17.07.2007 21:00 - Monday, 23.07.2007 02:00
Promo: Iboga/Sofa Beats Presents: "floating point 4".

Iboga Records / Sofa Beats Presents the new Floating point compilation, in its fourth edition.

The new chapter in the successful series is compiled by Sofa Beats label dj "Dovla" from Croatia. Dovla also created the design for the CD.

Compiled during 2006 and 2007, Dovla has selected 10 very well crafted tracks by world famous artists such as Ooze, Excession, Koan, Omnimotion, Phutureprimitive, Rena Jones, Kliment, Shen, Sundial Aeon and Krusseldorf.

The music on Floating Point 4 is very beautiful and contains many joyful moments.

Another fantastic journey for Sofa Beats surfers.

  s p e c i a l s  &  e v e n t s
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Tuesday, 10.07.2007 02:00 - Monday, 16.07.2007 02:00
Promo: Iboga Records Presents: suncontrolspecies - "scienza nuova".

Iboga Records Presents the long awaited debut album from Australia's "SunControlSpecies".

Andrew Davidson aka SunControlSpecies and Wombat, has finally finished years of work and preparation towards this smashing debut album.

Andrew has in recent years been considered to be at the forefront of writers in the progressive trance scene down under. Now he is fully ready to conquer the rest of the world with his deep and heartfelt music.

Andrew is known for his engagement and thought through productions, putting a lot of effort and detail in every section of his compositions.

SunControlSpecies already had a couple of hits on Iboga, mainly the track "Two Point Five" from 2006, on the successful Summer Collection Vol.II Compilation.

Make sure you don't miss out on one of the most interesting composers in the genre.

  s p e c i a l s  &  e v e n t s
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Tuesday, 26.06.2007 00:00 - Sunday, 01.07.2007 02:00
Promo: Iboga Records Presents: Antix - Wanderers.

For those in the now, new Zealand brothers Barton and Hayden Strom aka Antix have been producing a sublimely deep minimal groove that has been rocking Dancefloors across the globe far and wide.

Their first 2 albums 'Lull' and 'Twin Coast Discovery' were landmarks on the progressive scene with top notch reviews and support from leading Djs and fans a like.

With there third installment entitled wanderers theyve raised the stakes even higher keeping their antix roots with deep atmospheres, infectious bass and minimal grooves this album is abstract, innovative and unleashes a new level of production.

  s p e c i a l s  &  e v e n t s
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Sunday, 10.06.2007 02:00 - Sunday, 17.06.2007 02:00
Promo: Iboga Records Presents the remix CD from Perfect Stranger titled 'Changed'.

What we have here is simply outstanding!

With a line-up of some of the biggest artists around at the moment, and the fact that they are in top form, ensures a sound experience of sublime character.

Atmos is present with a brilliant mix of the track Perfect Ace, originally by Perfect Stranger & Ace Ventura.

The mega track Ode Ao Sol, released on Pena's Flow Records, is gently taken under care by Elegant Universe who are hitting hard at the moment, as well as by Vibrasphere, who also are making big waves with the album Archipelago at the moment.

It's really hard to pick a favourite on this remix album that simply oozes of quality. Don't miss it!

  s p e c i a l s  &  e v e n t s
SPECIALS+EVENTS   Saturday, 05.05.2007 00:00 - Monday, 07.05.2007 02:00
Promo: Iboga Records Presents the new Behind Blue Eyes double CD "Copenhagen"

Rene Nielsen (Beat Bizarre) & Michael Abel-Larsen (Dj Banel) has through the recent years put a lot of effort into their set when playing at events around the globe. The tracks are in constant development and as a result you will discover that the new recording featured on this CD is build on the base of the best parts of the first album and some of the tracks that followed.

  s p e c i a l s  &  e v e n t s
SPECIALS+EVENTS Saturday, 10.03.2007   0:00 - 24:00 (CET)
Promo: The New Turbo Trance Records Compilation - "Accelerator 4.0"

Stay tuned for the upcoming dedicated promo stream here on d i v b y z e r o / d e.

  s p e c i a l s  &  e v e n t s
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  s p e c i a l s  &  e v e n t s
SPECIALS+EVENTS Saturday, 21.10.2006

24h non stop streaming of the new album
here on d i v b y z e r o / d e (00:00 - 23:59)

  s p e c i a l s  &  e v e n t s
From: Hacker / Wedanta2002@yahoo.de


14.10.2006 22 Uhr - 14 Uhr


(Israel / Utopia-Records.com)

(AP-records -Mexiko)

(AP-Records / www.Magnetrixx.de)

(Audiomatic & Magnetrixx)

(Anuana Tribe / www.Anuanatribe.de)

(Anuana Tribe / www.Anuanatribe.de)


(Agitato Records / Fullmoon-Festival)


(chromanova radio / VRecords)


(Anuana Tribe)

(Sinn-Tec-Rec. / Anuana Tribe)

(Anuana Tribe)


(Digital Virus)

Special Chill-DJs:



(Argentinien / www.Gansedoline.de)

Gansedoline ist auf der ganzen Welt bekannt fr seine extravagante Deko, welche jedes Fest verzaubert. Nicht zuletzt hat und wird seine Deko die Feiergemeinde auf dem Tshitraka und Somathraki in eine andere Welt schicken.



Location M3
Objektstr. 51
18609 Prora/ Binz auf Rgen


Ab 23:40Uhr f�rt ab Bergen auf Rgen der "Psychedelic Destination" Sonderbus fr ca. 2,50 euro; . Aber auch Taxen werden wieder bereit stehen. Mit 6 Personen betr�t hier eine Fahrt auch etwa 2,50 euro ; pro Person.

...:::PLEASE PHONE 0176/22 87 30 62 :::...

Die Location liegt keine 5 min. Fussweg vom unglaublichen, wei�n Ostseestrand entfernt. Es ist ein Traum hier morgens bei gutem Wetter spazieren zu gehen und den Tag beginnen zu lassen. Es w�e also empfehlenswert, die Reise zu dieser Party gleich mit einem kleinem Urlaub zu verbinden. Jugendherbergen und Zeltpl�ze gibt es in der Gegend genug. Auch sollte es im Oktober noch angenehm von den Temperaturen her sein.

Eintritt 12euro ; TRANCECARD 6 euro;

Viele Extras:
12KW 4 Punkt Sound-System, Garderobenannahme, Kostenlose, stehtig gereinigte Toiletten, 7 Bars, Chai-Bar, 4 Floors


Hi folks. Get ready: we have enhanced the playlist a little bit with deep links into psyshop.com in order to make the tracks available for all who are interested in. The intention behind was neither commerce nor any kind of advertising (we get really nothing back from any deal via psyshop) but we like to point new listeners to the right direction because we receive many questions regarding some sources for the music we play. Additionally we think those links are nice shortcuts in situations when you ask yourself: "Damn, nice track - may it be that this album contains even more such beautiful stuff???" :o).

We have freshen the VA and CHILL stream and purge it from some older tracks so you will hear now much more newer tracks than before - enjoy... and before i forget it: happy Nikolausi ;-)!

Back to 160kBit/s.

Wow, it's been a long time since the last update... but, now we have much more capacity on this server. This hardware upgrade comes along with a fresh new Debian installation and therefore it was necessary to took the server offline for a while. But this task is finished right now and the divbyzero streams comes back very soon - stay (pre)tuned ! :o).
Update: all streams are on air again, have fun!

I'll rebuild the divbyzero/de server system within the next days. Please be patient until we're back.

Merry X-MAS to all out there !

I have to reduce the streams to 128kbps because of bandwidth problems and hope that I do not have reduce more ;-(. Maybey somewhat later we're came back to 192kbps.

I've added 3 'independent' mixes from Headcleaner and Nokky. The message behind: if anybody would like to hear his muzik on this streaming station, let us know. As long as we're able to provide this service (mean: as long we can afford this :-), new/unknown artists are welcome to join divbyzero/de in order to publish their muzik this way.

I do some maintenance tonight (18./19. August) and I have to apologise for the resulting stream interceptions.
Update: I have to interrupt my work because shoutcast.com have some problems with their YP's.

Back to Shoutcast.com (simply search for "divbyzero" or "f.ree y.our m.ind"). Due to a little trick, we are listed again even though all streams are icecast by nature :o). Looking foward for more listeners...

After 3 relaxing weeks in Goa the new playlists are nearly finished. From now on you can not only see what we're currently playing and what we have played in the past - you can see the track that comes as next to! I hope this is a nice feature :o)
(I've just found some little bugs, but I will check this later - good night...)
[18.04.2004] Update: The % values should now be correct!

The teststreams are up'n running... have fun!

Someone out there???? THE PAST: I have to say sorry to all (especially Tobi) for the abruptly absense of "divbyzero.de" from the streaming scene. I had too much trouble and stress to continuous develop and maintenance this site - sadly! THE PRESENT: Now, after a (to) long period of keeping away, we are close to the point to generate psychedelic sounds again... cool hey? Thx to all (esp. Dirk) who have remind me that somewhat is missing - without this little kick's this site would have been away much longer. AND THE FUTURE: Because the evolution is going on and on, new streaming technologies appeared in the meantime. The underlaying streaming server is now icecast2 instead of icecast1. This impact that I have to rewrite the old playlist part and this takes some time. Anyway - we start streaming within the next days as promised here. Without a playlist in the beginning (I hope that the first version of a new playlist will be finished somewhat later) but with more then only one stream... think of it as a little compensation for the all the pain... ;)

* * *

grrrr, another server failure :-/. time to activate the new "real hard ware" ...

Ok, enough is enough: another bad crash happened today. I'm going to setup a new server within the next days - until then i must have a close look on the old system and kick it from time to time. Furthermore we have re-increased the max listeners to 100 hoping that we can handle the traffic ;-).

  • oops, we had a little outage today @ 5:45pm CET - something was really wrong. i was able to quickly install a smaller emergency-setup but i have to search for the reason... :-/

uiii, very cool mixes arrived in the last few days... e.g. kob-deny-jr / fullmoon party / thailand [2003], dj banel in the mix [2003], beat bizarre / live at life / cancun-mexico [2002] ... and also some special TB sets!!! Stay tuned and you will hear it.

...upgraded the song archive and created a new playlist format. good time to go to bed now @ 02:00am...

all your comments are welcome / please look @ the new guestbook / give us some tips or say that we are boring ;o)

The psystream on this site is independent from any commercial influence - the only motivation to keep it running is the joy for psytrance, the capability to use some nice technical systems and a short cut to a very nice provider :o). As long as these points do not change, { f.REE y.OUR m.IND } will remain streaming some nice soundz.

But all is nothing without some help from time to time. Some of you will have recognized that the song archive where lately not updated... but ... maybe this would change in the future! I hope so...

Special thanx to Tobi and THW for their support and I would be pleased, if I can hold this two for the project.

Until tomorrow I add ~1GB new song material and perhaps we can gather some mixes you never heard bevore ! :)
Additionally I have some kind of "Evosonic - Revival" in my mind regarding the lots of questions about some Evosonic-Mixes we are playing within this stream. This means, on a certain day, we will play 12 hours Evosonic-Mixes from 1999 (Acan, Tobias, Bim, ...) in the time between 08.00pm and 08:00am. Look @ this site further for details...

...have fun, do somewhat indecent & good night!

Ok, "divbyzero.de" is finally working.

I have seen a "CLUSTER" within my stream descripten on the shoutcast.com site some days ago, so in some way shoutcast have (for a short time) noticed both streams: the icecast main stream (900 user max) and the shoutcast relay stream (111 user max) and displayed correctly "CLUSTER ... 1011 max" - but now it's gone. The icecast stream is still unable to register to shoutcast and it wasn't recognized if I thought :-|.

Hehe, Shoutcast seems to accept my icecast stream as a proper input source again. Perhaps i can shut down the shoutcast relay stream... i will try it :-)

I have changed the layout of the "playlist" a little bit because the position of the most recent song was not clear enough. The actually played track appears at the bottom of the list - max 60 seconds after the track has started. (thanx for the comments concerning this!)

Further I have decided *not* to convert the song archive to a fixed bit rate... this takes to much time. Enjoy the VBR and good night :-) !

create a small playlist and disable listener table...


Hey ho, enjoy the funny noise...... {still under construction}
...the mp3 stream is initially running now (click "audio" above) - but please expect not to much. The songs where played "as they are" without reencoding to a fixed bit rate. I hope that I have some time next week to change this.
  • change to 128kBit fixed rate stream after converting all the songs (real-time reencoding is not good for my sun ;-)
  • freshen the song archive

  • use currently "no-ip.org" for DNS (in the future this site will be accessible via "www.divbyzero.de" to)
  • build a fresh new server {here comes the... }
  • updated to apache 2.x
  • hope that i can revitalize the mp3 stream soon

old NEWS: ...
I've played around with some (short-lived) streaming and web projects on "xperimentalmedia.pop.de" which unfortunately comes to end some time ago.

Since then I'm looking for a new place for my play instinct...